Anonymous said:
How do you feel about ashish babu winning jhalak dikhla jaa?

I am actually so happy that Ashish babu won :’D He deserved it so much :’) I still have to watch that winning epi though :/ I shall watch that tomorrow ajsdlf

Anonymous said:
hi anu! i was wondering, you do gifs on maharana pratap, right? :D if you could, can you make some gifs on some praja moments recently especially with the maha vivah nowadays! thanks a bunch!!! :D

I do but the thing is  I hardly get any time to make gifs this days :( You have no idea how badly i want to gif their marriage but I get so tired after working for whole week and I get two days to relax so I don’t feel like doing..anything D: BUT whenever I have some time to spare, I will definitely try to gif it. Sorry :(

imagine Fawad Khan undressing for you

imagine Fawad Khan undressing for you

Main Kamlee ho gayi aan naam tera padh ke naam tera padh ke


"Raman kaise jaan gaye aap?! aaj mujhe iss lamhe ki sabse zada zaroorat thi! shayad issi ko kehte hain, woh Ek Pal!..jisme Kuch kuch hota hai!!..

mastaani said:
brb calling shahid bc garba parties

OMG YES XD Gotta have garba parties and have aloo parathas because we cooool like dat

mastaani said:
it's that time of year again



I hope you have/had an awesome day! Khoob maze karna, theek hai? :’D I know I haven’t talk to you much but hey that could always change hehe. You are probably one of the cutest and positive person I have met on here. :’)  I wish you the best birthday evaaaa and all the happiness that you deserve :)

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