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don’t hide *_* this is gorg !!!

You are too sweet, Fatii :’) thank you :D

Your geet gifs gave me life *___* it is still one of my favorite shows and I need a maan in my life <3
by Anonymous

Aww :’) Same here! I love that show to death *-* I can rewatch it again and again and I won’t get tired of it

*sigh* I need a Maan in my life too. he is so freaking perfect i just akjsdhf

Fawad Khan killing it in Khoobsurat.

Arre Dadi, girne to do usske baad hi pakdunga na!

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Geet on my dash! That too by youuuuu! =’D <3

You know it ;D I plan to gif more because I am having way too many geet feels :D and also I need some distractions so it’s perfect lol

thats okay we will wait :D p.s i spent like 2 days smiling like an idiot constantly because i couldnt stop imagining in my mind all your posts you know with full filmi affects and background music and dopattas and temples ..aka full bollywood style :D

Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long hehe 

Hayye :’D  Oh how I wish that would happen but in my mind, I also thought like that XD All i need is a BG score and a pankha to blow my hair . Yup that’s it, I think I should be fine with that :D

hello Anu just wanted to tell you im also part of the temple guy fandom now and you guys need to move your story a lil bit faster :)

aww :’) the fandom is getting bigger but the story isn’t moving XD the unfortunate thing is that he is not coming to temple lately so I can’t really do much :( Well uh I did try to stalk him but that didn’t go anywhere so back to square one now D: