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Preet Ka Yeh Rang
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Rudra Pratap Ranawat + dress/face porn (all dresses till 30th july 2014) part 1: x

Anonymous asked: hi was super curious as to how your side bar changes images every time you refresh the page because i honestly love it

Aww I am glad you liked it! :D

This is what I followed to get that! It’s basically html code that you put in your blog theme :)


"Kal ko agar tumne kisi patient ka galat daant ukhad liya, toh tumhe dhoondne mein asani hogi..woh tum pe case karega, tum jail, main chuta…”


Nargis Fakhri walks the ramp for Anushree Reddy 
at the Lakme fashion week

dilkishehnaai asked: Aww no now I feel bad for phool :(

I know right? :( 

dilkishehnaai asked: "Kunwar pratap! Aap kuch kahiye na!"

such a wife like thing to say ;D

dilkishehnaai asked: OMG poor ajabde they teased her so much!! She's so cute haha <3

she is a cutie patootie :’D